Intermoor – Youngswood Road, Morgan City, Louisiana

Project: Youngswood Site Development Buildings
Owner: Port of Morgan City
Architect: Duplantis Design Group
Amount: $4,220,000
Completion Time: 10 Months

The Youngswood project consists of 3 buildings and 4 acres of site development.

Building No.1 is a 13,623 square foot, pile-supported, wood-framed office building. The exterior finish is brick veneer with a 6:12 composition shingle roof, with stained wood trim accents on the interior. The building functions as the office and conference building for InterMoor’s facility in Morgan City.

Building No. 2 is a 17,286 pile-supported metal building for a fabrication shop which includes a two-story office. There are two 20-ton overhead cranes that travel the full length and exit the building over a 3,616 square ft. outside concrete area.

Building No. 3 is a 2,425 square ft. pile-supported warehouse, complete with interior office spaces and restroom space. This facility is owned by the Port of Morgan City built to suit for InterMoor.